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"Non nobis Domine non nobis sed Nomini Tuo da gloriam."

           (Ordre des Templiers, Chevalerie et Valeurs de France: "Non pas à nous Seigneur, non pas à nous, mais à Ton Nom (seul), donne la gloire.")

The Jacques de Molay 1314 association is a non-profit association, 1901 French modified law, published on the Official Journal, N°44 of October the 30th, 2010, the object of which is to remember the presence of Jacques de Molay, Last Grand Master of the Order of The Temple, by all the legal means, in particular by the organization of remembrances, conferences, colloquiums, shows, festivals, visits, rises of statues, purchases of properties having belonged to the Medieval Order of Temple, by the conservation, enhancement, acquisition of property that is assumed to belong to Jacques de Molay family, and other.

Jacque De Molay 1314

Our goals :

Our first wish is to save the actual house called: House of Jacques de Molay. The cost for restauration including the roof and the walls is about: 100 000 euros.

Commemorate the death of the last great master of the Templar Order (Famous and important for this period of the french history)

Inform people of our duty to save this little house.

Create during 2 days a important middle age manifestation: Outdoor theatral show, screen play by: Mr Charly Samson.

Jacque De Molay 1314

Create a statue of Jacques de Molay and a templar museum to inform people of this famous period.

To realize these objectives,sponsoring and subventions of all kinds are welcome !